Project highlights


Second citizen consultation


The results of the validation and prioritisation of the expert recommendations by the CIVISTI citizen panels can be found here.




Project highlights


Policy workshop 





Information material for CC1 and CC2



First citizen consultation (CC1)


For the first citizen consultation, the Civisti team produced the CIVISTI magazine. This colourful magazine was designed to inspire the citizens to think about the future. Artists, scientists and citizens from all over the world tell us their ideas and opinions about the future.


We wish you an inspriational reading with the CIVISTI Magazine 


James Murphy

Peter Piot I

Peter Piot II



Second citizen consultation (CC2)


The information material that was sent out to the citizens in preparation of CC2 consisted of the following two packages:


Information package 1 with:

  • summary of the expert-stakeholder workshop
  • short versions of all 30 recommendations
  • the X recommendations (full versions) which the national CIVISTI panel is going to validate during CC2
  • the X visions form the national CIVISTI panel that inspired these X recommendations

Information package 2 with:
  • all 30 recommendations (full versions)
  • 32 visions (short versions) which inspired all the 30 recommendations